Quotes From Bellevue

These are the quotes from my high school calculus class because we were all crazy including our math teacher, referred to in the quotes as Math Man. Enjoy them! Also, if there is no author, it was probably Math Man.

“Shut up, Cherilyn!” ~Math Man

“There’s two ways to do it and they’re the same way.” ~Math Man

“I’ll fricken’ bite you so hard!” ~Massa Hope

“Why would pigeons ignore their eyes and fly into buildings?” ~Math Man (Physics)

“Chinese food should be an excused absence.” ~Amber L.

“I call that one ‘tricky trig’.” ~Math Man

“Anyone want to go back to x’s?” ~Math Man

“Where’d my pi go?” ~Math Man

“It’s like a sawed off donut! (made out of wood)” ~Math Man

“Where’d Hope go?” ~Math Man

“Where am I?” ~Massa Hope

“I got a wood-splitter out instead of a piece of glass.” ~Math Man

“Yeah but I win because I have better hair. *hair flip*” ~CW

“Stop everything! Hope sharpened her pencil.” ~CW

“You have to choke up on the pencil.” ~Math Man

“There’s actually four ways to do it. Two of them are the same and the other two are > the same.” ~Math Man

“You live on Habgood? I could so stalk you!” ~Amber L.

“2! Now someone get in a closet so we can stop working.” ~CW

“Sometimes I want to see if I can make it go wrong.” (a math problem) ~ Math Man

“Some guy with a weird thing over the ‘o’.” ~Math Man

“Giving yourself a hair cut would be a piece of cake.”

“Eww is the proper answer for that.” ~Math Man

“A mouse came through and ate a hole through the bologna.” ~Math Man

“Oh Pish!” ~Hope Ann

“Partial decomposition doesn’t decompose.” ~ Math Man

“Stop talking! I’m going to forget everything!” ~Massa Hope

4/1/05 “You want them to die?” ~Math Man

“Oh! There’s no square root!” ~Math Man

“I think I’d remember chewing math.” ~CW

“I have a semi sized semi.” ~Math Man

“Can I make up a completely horrible example?” ~Math Man

“’D’ for prairie dogs.” ~Math Man

5/9/05 “I don’t like diluted water.” ~Math Man

“Sorry. My negative got a little long.” ~Math Man

“You have no problem holding candy bars.” ~Math Man

5/12/05 “You’re going to run into a problem in a second.” ~Math Man

“If you ever need to kill anybody, bring bags of ice.” ~Math Man

“I made lots of pretty pictures.” ~Math Man

“If you get bored you can borrow from the other alphabets.” ~Math Man

“Just remind me: jokes, alphabets.” ~Math Man

“I didn’t intend for them to be horizontal.” ~Math Man

“…and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and > that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and that > value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value, > and that value, and that value, and that value, and that value…” ~Math Man

“Oh! I only made half my eight!”

“I hate your dad!”

“Calculus cheerleading…”

“Or just trying to put a hex on me or something.”

“I’m singing to myself… silently.” ~CW

“No, I just wanted to play in the sandbox.” ~CW

“Some monk did it.”

“No. I had my goats and llamas come in.”

“Fainting goats: ‘Boom!’ ‘Baa!’ (falls down)”

“Swing by and say hello to the goats.”

“I wasn’t reading anything. What am I talking about?” ~Amber E.

“I can show you how to hunt them down.”

MATHMAN: Do you know what kind of problem it is?
CW: An icky one?
MATHMAN: Yeah, it’s an icky one…

“There’s a chipmunk that is homeless.”

“I said something dumb didn’t I?” ~Linza

“No that’s not quotable.”

“They’re bigger smaller numbers.” ~CW

5/24/05 “Everything between the beginning and there is no end.”

“They all meet at one happy dot at the top of the globe.” ~CW

“You’ve got some sum.”

“He had something weird in his brain.”

5/26/05 “You’ve got two parallel lines but they’re the same line.”

“I could just tell you to sit down and shut up you quack!”

“I’m aiming for not there.”

“Yeah I kind of blew a hole through some plywood last year.”

“You remember I got stabbed with the thingy last year? Cuz I did.” ~Linza

“I’m not sure you want to know quite yet.”

“But my curve curves.”

“Something weird like that might happen in a second.”

“They derive and they derive and they derive… and they derive.”

“My black just died; I’m down to two colors.”

“I almost killed some Amish people the other day.”

“I noticed the horse I was looking at.”

“My fingers are cramping.” ~CW

“Some mean person comes in and takes your natural log button away.”

“I saw the 2 and I just wanted things to cancel out.”

“Mr. Kenyon is the root of all evil.” ~Linza

“Bang! Bang! I’m dead.” ~Linza

“And now going back in time…”

“Forget that I said forget it.”

“I’ll have to make up something fancy on that.”

MATHMAN: What’s the sine of x?
AMBER E: Awesome!

“So if I ate like two whole things of nutmeg I would die?” ~Massa

“I’m skipping part of the explanation now.”

“No I was busy being angry.” ~CW

6/7/05 “I was actually looking up today how to destroy the earth.”

“All the nuclear weapons in the world wouldn’t be enough. It’d be like a little hiccup.”

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