Taking Down The Wall

Two choices lay before me, regarding my strong wall
I could add another brick, or I could let it fall.

I wrestled with my thoughts and didn’t want to try
Taking down my walls would hurt; I thought that I would die.

And so I built it higher; I added bricks each day.
My wall became a fortress, I drove everyone away.

Eventually my wall took over: all my heart was stone.
No one now could penetrate, I was feeling so alone.

But then I started thinking: I did this to myself.
I don’t know how to fix this then I looked toward my shelf.

One book sat there dusty, its cover worn and cracked.
I opened to a dog-eared page and this is what it said:

I can give you new life, I’ll take your heart of stone
You’ll belong to me and I to you: You’ll never be alone.

I built my wall up brick by brick, that’s how I took it down.
Remembering my solitude brought me just a frown.

My life was changed, I let more people in.
The change I’d longed for all my life, started to begin.

I’m not saying it is easy, I’m human after all.
But I know He’ll be there for me, every time I fall.

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