The Repairman

This problem is a big one
I told myself one day
But I know how to fix it
I’ve a toolbox anyway

I grabbed my tools and toolbelt
Against some good advice
Decided I could fix it
It wasn’t very nice

First I broke my finger
Then I hurt my head
Turns out my tools aren’t big enough
I could have wound up dead

I realized I was wrong to try
To fix a great big problem
My friend looked on and said to me
“Why don’t you just call Him?”

I scoffed, I laughed
To me this seemed absurd
“I can’t call the Repairman,
I’ll look like such a nerd.”

My friend just stood and watched
As I looked like a fool
I hemmed, I hawed, I grunted
Then we nearly fought

“I’ll not call the Repairman
I can handle this on my own!”
My friend still stood there calmly
“At least I think I can…”

I pounded more, I pounded hard
Until my spirit broke
I knelt beside my broken dreams
And sobbing, nearly choked

I grabbed the phone from off the shelf
My fingers calmly dialed
He answered on the first ring
My friend stood by and smiled

The Repairman came immediately
He gathered up my tools
He said I wouldn’t need them
“These tools are just for fools.”

He helped me solve the problem
He didn’t laugh or mock
He told me I could ask for help
He’d always be my Rock

I know now even little things
Are sometimes just too large
From now on a simple phone call
To the Repairman who’s in charge

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